Cambridge… I am in love

2013-04-29 17.08.33

I was looking for a place where I could study English in UK. I thought in London, Cambridge, Oxford or Manchester. Then, I was thinking.. What I wanted? So I just wanted a quite and small city. Then,  I chose Cambridge, because I had seen some web site about it, and could suppose this could be a relax, quite, small, a friendly city and Now I can say I was right, as a result of experience that I lived there.

I arrived in Cambridge about 7:00pm It was on saturday 12 January. I was really tired because It was a long trip from Venezuela, and from the airport to my homestay. Jacob received to me in his mother’s home. He helped me with my heavy luggage. Few minutes later I met Judith who was my mother homestay. She was really as a mother for me; she supported me when I was a litter bit sad, when I got sick, so that I am very grateful. In that house I met  Amina, Luisa, Yuya, Damian and Dasha, from Russia, Colombia, Japan, France and Ukraine. All of them are amazing person that I love so much! I had learned a lot of thing. They helped me in how to improve my speaking, Amina for example, she usually came to my room to sing English song, Luisa said to me how to pronounce some word in correctly way. While we had  dinner, Yuya, Damian and I talked to improve our speaking. And Dasha did some exercise that I had to repeat each word and I could not pass to another word if I did not pronounce well. Personally, they were very friendly, optimistic, kind, and respectful person.

My first day in Cambridge English School, I was strange because I was thinking how I could be here. I could not believe until a week after. I had been walking every morning to my school from home. It was about 50 minutes. However I did not feel that I just was relaxed and happy. Even so, I decided to hire a bike. In any case, I rode my bike even If the weather was not quite good. I enjoyed so much, when I ride my bike. I rented in Hire Bike close to my school Embassy English. I really felt as a child while I was riding my bike.

Otherwise, my English teacher were exceptional, I remember Bill, Rolf, Steve, Peter, Chri, Robert. Other special people were Katherine, Kerry and Jamie, and the girl who works in the lunch counter. I learned a lot of with them. I made a lot of friends I can not mention everybody however They know who are. They are from Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany, Italy, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Switzerland, Latvia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Lybia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Japan, Chine, India, Thailand.

Cambridge as a City, is an interesting place, in my opinion it is a must do when you visit UK. It is a gorgeous, lovely, and a pretty city. Its urban design is cute, Narrow Street, colleagues building, gardens, square, green parks, and it is just flat. Despite you can enjoy its landscape from Great St Mary’s Church, and a littler one from Castle Mound. On the whole, in every place that you visit in Cambridge you can feel how old this city is.


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