Firenze… warm place

P1050501Firenze was my first stop in December 2012, when I visited Italy. I could not believe that I was there, because, when I was studying architecture my architecture history’s teacher always told us: “Architect had to visit at least one time Italy, If you did not do it you were not architect”. At that moment I thought, now I could not go there however, I would go, I do know how, but I would go.

I felt how I knew every street every building in Firenze. I remember the smell, the sound, I just was enjoyed every moment that I lived there. Ohhh off course I met to really handsome Italian men. He was working in a restaurant where I had a dinner, and he was funny, friendly, and nice. He invited to me to go out for dance, I accepted. However, we never met, I fell sleep that night, I was really tired.

To return to the subject, when I arrived, it was snowing a little bit, it was so could, and left my baggage in my room, I went out to walk around. I bought a boot and gloves which I still have. My colleague Nanda, recommended to me an ice cream shop, where every afternoon I visited to buy a small one! So taste, so delicious.

Since Firenze I had visited Sienna and Pisa, how urban designer student I researched about those cities, for this reason I think I always felt I had been there. What’s more I remembered when I was walking every place. It was marvelous.

Everybody knows that you can take a picture to “David”, by the way, I took my picture. This is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture created between 1501 and 1504, by Michelangelo.


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