Pompei and Napoles magic

A few years ago I went to Italy. I had decided to take a tour to Pompei. This tour started in Roma and ended Pompei. On that trip I went alone, the weather was cold because it was in December.

There were about 8 tourist, 6 from China, 1 from Zurich and me, also a guide and a driver. The transport was by minivan.

I had been excited because I had wander to visit Pompei for a long time, and finally I did it.

The minivan picked me up about 7:00 am and I returned to the Hotel at 9:00 pm.

During the journey I looked out of the window at the mountains, the scenary. Sometimes I could see the ocean. It was amazing and beautiful.


We had stopped in Napoles, to take photos and I had had lunch. I would like to go again, but I think may be by train or aeroplane.

In this trip I met with a really good friend she call Luzia, she is from Zurich. And we still keep in touch.


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