Los Roques, Just a Paradise


I loved being in Los Roques. This place is breathtaking; out of this world. Can you believe? I have never been in “Los Roques” until 2010, when I decided to visit it. I was so tired for my job; I needed to take a break. So, I started to search a tourism agency to buy a weekend book. When finally I found one, I bought it immediately. First, I took a really small airplane; I have to say I was absolutely scared. I felt we could have fallen down, however nothing happen. And, I enjoyed the awe-inspiring view from the air. I thought what amazing Venezuela could be!


Los Roques is located in the North of Venezuela. In my opinion you never regret to visit if you decide to go there. This is a park consisting in about 350 small islands. Te bigger one is “El Gran Roque” where I stayed and it has tourism structure, such a hotel, and airport, so on. I spent in “Los Roques archipelago” three days it was not enough but I was satisfied with this experience. The first day, I had visited Madrisqui. It is spectacular, the color of the ocean, the white sand, the sound. The second day, I had taken a long trip to visit “Cayo de Agua” and “Crasqui”. Both were absolutely marvelous. In Cayo de Agua, I felt in other world, relaxed between two coastlines. Magnificent is the word could put into words what I saw.

The Third day, I visited to Francisqui, it is as a swimming pool, beautiful, and enjoyable.


There are a lot of activities you can do if you choose it such as snorking, diving, windsurfing, and kite surfing. To people who just to want to enjoy the landscape, the coastline, as me, it is a must visit. The weekend I stayed there I could see the full moon at night I fall in love it was a deep moments. I could have seen for all night it, I learn one time more there is no ordinary moment.


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