Dreamer Traveler

This post is for answering some people asked why and how I travel

I have never thought I could travel abroad to Venezuela, because I grew up in a small fishing town and my parents cannot afford it.

I always dreaming about travelling, meet with other culture, people.

When I started to study in Central Venezuela of University, I had a teacher who said if you wanna be an architect you must travel to Rome and other such as cities. I think I decided in that moment I would do it in the following years. He was a passionate about the architecture renacentist, baroque, etc. I can feel everything he said; however I wanted to feel my own.

In 1998, Latino American student architecture met in Cuba, and I went to. That was my first time abroad to Venezuela. Well, I loved that country because has amazing landscape, but not how they live. It is another thing that I do not want to write. The Havana City is interesting because its history, culture, but was neglectful. I spent time in Varadero as well. It beach is really good and beautiful in my opinion. Then, in 2002, I travel to USA, specifically I visited Boston. I was studying a Master in Urban Design at UCV, and I had to do an International internships. It was super opposite to Cuba. In those both trip some people helped me to do it. In the first one, two uncle gave me money. And the second one, my boss lends me the money i needed then I gave back. It was fabulous because I just had started to work and I had not enough money to do that. Actually I had decided to give up it, however He told me you had to do it so I would give you what you need. Does not worry you could give me back when you could do it.

So on, I feel when I travel that I grew up more and more, I feel deeply everything, my life, my family, my dreams, and my goals. And I found anything can happen to anyone at any time and I feel I should not lose my days. I feel I should do what I can enjoy every moment. And as an Urban Designer too, I found in travel I can learn about cities more efficiently and enjoy too. I have been in cities such as Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Paris, Barcelona, London, Sienna, Pisa, Napoli, and Munich, Berlin, Santiago de Chile, Valparaiso and others.

And remember this:

Just because someone says it cannot be done, that does not mean you have to accept that as your truth.

In my opinion when I travel I get a step to learn deeply more about myself and it is always an enjoyable journey!