Meet me

I am a free soul  writing about my travel experience in this marvelous world.

I was born in Margarita Island, in Venezuela, where I spent my childhood in a very small fisherman town, call “Boca de Pozo”.


Besides, I am an architect,  with a Magister Scientiarum in Urban Design and Specialization in Project Management. I am looking to further my career with a professional firm with a focus on environmental sustainability as well as project involving academic work and advising corporations. If you would like to know about it you could have a look in this link

By the way, I just want to share my writing about cities, because I love and enjoy visit new ones. Also, I will write about another places. , I think If I practice thought this blog my writing, I will improve  my English writing.

So I hope you enjoy it with me 🙂

P.S All pictures were taken by me; with the exception where I appear. For example this picture was taken by Alejandra Mercado, a friend from México 🙂 


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