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There are always more you can write about Paris

If you ask me which city I remember with love, I would tell you without doubt Paris. This city makes me cry; because it was the first city I have been in Europe. I stayed in a hostel called as far as I remember ‚ÄúAbsolute‚ÄĚ, quite close to la Bastille. Well the worst thing was I had to share my room with other 3 people. I was a little bit nervous, you know here in Venezuela is not easy to do it, and actually, I never could do it here, maybe with your friends. However, I was surprised because they were very respectful, kind, and friendly person so I could share and talk with them.


Paris for me is love, beautiful, culture, vibrant city. Maybe for you it is so stupid but when I went to have a walk the following day I started to cried, while I was walking on the streets. That moment was absolutely AMAZING, SUPERB; I could not believe I was there. Then I smiled to everybody that I met. As a city, it is a walk able, bright city. Building in Paris has been controlled by laws associated to the height and shape of buildings at least since the 17th century.


One of my favourite streets is ‚ÄúThe Champs-√Člys√©es‚ÄĚ that is a 17th century avenue between the Place de la Concorde and the Napoleonic Arc de Triumphed. For a day, I walked from La Defense to Louvre Museum until 10:00 pm. In this way I could see amazing landmark as an Arc de Triomphe.

Eichstatt ¬Ņcity or town?

Eichstatt for me has everything that need a city. It is cute, small, and well-doing town. Besides,  it is a capital of the District of Eichstatt, aditionally, it is home to the Katholische Universitat Eichstatt-Ingolstadt, the lone Catholic university in Germany.


I visited this town with Yenny a friend who is married with a Mihael. He is a german man, and his parent are living in Eichastatt. So, I was in London before I came to Germany, and I was so tired to walk and walk in London, because I wanted to know every place I could visit. Well, when I arrived to Munich my friend Yenny said to me, that we would spent Merry Christman with parent’s Mihael, and I did not this before. The journey was amazing, the scenary and landscape, were breaktaking for me.

Parents’ Mihael were so cute, kind, lovely, really I felt like at home, with my father and mother. I taste a lot kind of beer from germany, I went to¬†Merry Christmas’s mass, we had dinner and then talking about my life, their life and germany. It was a marvelous moment.

I grateful for this experience, I changed my mind about germany people, because I thought they are so close, but not.

If you want to visit a quite place and know germany people, let’s go to Eichstatt!

Dreamer Traveler

This post is for answering some people asked why and how I travel

I have never thought I could travel abroad to Venezuela, because I grew up in a small fishing town and my parents cannot afford it.

I always dreaming about travelling, meet with other culture, people.

When I started to study in Central Venezuela of University, I had a teacher who said if you wanna be an architect you must travel to Rome and other such as cities. I think I decided in that moment I would do it in the following years. He was a passionate about the architecture renacentist, baroque, etc. I can feel everything he said; however I wanted to feel my own.

In 1998, Latino American student architecture met in Cuba, and I went to. That was my first time abroad to Venezuela. Well, I loved that country because has amazing landscape, but not how they live. It is another thing that I do not want to write. The Havana City is interesting because its history, culture, but was neglectful. I spent time in Varadero as well. It beach is really good and beautiful in my opinion. Then, in 2002, I travel to USA, specifically I visited Boston. I was studying a Master in Urban Design at UCV, and I had to do an International internships. It was super opposite to Cuba. In those both trip some people helped me to do it. In the first one, two uncle gave me money. And the second one, my boss lends me the money i needed then I gave back. It was fabulous because I just had started to work and I had not enough money to do that. Actually I had decided to give up it, however He told me you had to do it so I would give you what you need. Does not worry you could give me back when you could do it.

So on, I feel when I travel that I grew up more and more, I feel deeply everything, my life, my family, my dreams, and my goals. And I found anything can happen to anyone at any time and I feel I should not lose my days. I feel I should do what I can enjoy every moment. And as an Urban Designer too, I found in travel I can learn about cities more efficiently and enjoy too. I have been in cities such as Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Paris, Barcelona, London, Sienna, Pisa, Napoli, and Munich, Berlin, Santiago de Chile, Valparaiso and others.

And remember this:

Just because someone says it cannot be done, that does not mean you have to accept that as your truth.

In my opinion when I travel I get a step to learn deeply more about myself and it is always an enjoyable journey!


A Mysterious City


If you would like the mysterious and romantic cities I would recommend to you going to Prague. In this city I felt strange person, is like to know I had been there before but not. I can tell you some interesting landmark you might go If you choose, such as Charles Bridge (Karluv most), St Vitus Cathedral, John Lennon wall, Prague Castle, Jewish cemetery, St. Nicholas Church, Old Town Hall, Tyn Cathedral, Old Town square, and Powder Tower as well.  These reflect why Prague belongs to the World Heritage list of UNESCO since 1992.

I do not want to share the best place to visit I just would like to share how this city made me feel and what I learned from it.

On the other respect, I found this is a cheap city in that moment, the food, and everything. I have to say I was there in January 2010. I remember a beautiful moment when I was in the river, you can see in this picture:


I felt as a part of the universe as If I was in the perfect place to me, and since my point of view, it was.  Other moment is this:


A couple was getting married, I thought when I would get married, why it is so difficult to me find a good men. Well, maybe it is not my time yet.


As I said, Prague is a mysterious city to me, is old, but is how I could feel other souls those had been living there for a long time. Sometimes I was scared, overall with vampires’ stories, and the face on the old buildings.


If you want to see a Medieval Urbanism, you could go to Prague, because you can find that the New Town of Emperor Charles IV built as the New Jerusalem. Also you can find Gothic and High Baroque building as well as modernism from 1900.