Original YORK! … The other one is New York

I went to York with some friends from my English School, and my little son. He is from Colombia, Juan David, well, he is my friend, but I love him as my son.

P1010540Our journey started in Costa Coffee, where we had breakfast and bought something to eat during the trip. When I and my little son had arrived to Police station we met with our friend from Venezuela, Chile and Mexico. As far I remember the day was sunny however so cold. I was freezing.

We departed from Cambridge about 8:00 am. I was a little bit tired, because that week was my birthday and I had been dancing a lot of. I cannot say that I do not like dance… I loved it.

With reference to York, this city is a walled city, because it has a defensive wall. It was used to protect a city from potential aggressors so York’s center is located into the city’s medieval walls, which are a popular walk.

Actually, this city was founded by the Romans in 71 AD, under the name of Eboracum. The main sights for me were York Minster, Clifford’s Tower, smaller street, and Railway Museum. It is situated beyond the station. In this museum I enjoyed a lot of with my friends. It was impressed, because you can see a vast range of transport material and the largest collection of railway locomotives in the world there.

2013-02-02 14.52.26

I really love to visit ancient cities. This was my primary reason to go to York. Unfortunately I just were there for a day tour. So I had walked around that city and I was impressed about its old bursting out everywhere. I think it is one of my favorite places in England and Bath. I will write about Bath in another post. One of my friend thought that our guided felt in love with me because everything he said, was as he was talking only with me. He was excited when I answered what I have been doing in Venezuela. It was in some moments really embarrassing for me, but I was pleased

It’s not New York… It’s the only one “York”


Pompei and Napoles magic

A few years ago I went to Italy. I had decided to take a tour to Pompei. This tour started in Roma and ended Pompei. On that trip I went alone, the weather was cold because it was in December.

There were about 8 tourist, 6 from China, 1 from Zurich and me, also a guide and a driver. The transport was by minivan.

I had been excited because I had wander to visit Pompei for a long time, and finally I did it.

The minivan picked me up about 7:00 am and I returned to the Hotel at 9:00 pm.

During the journey I looked out of the window at the mountains, the scenary. Sometimes I could see the ocean. It was amazing and beautiful.


We had stopped in Napoles, to take photos and I had had lunch. I would like to go again, but I think may be by train or aeroplane.

In this trip I met with a really good friend she call Luzia, she is from Zurich. And we still keep in touch.