A Mysterious City


If you would like the mysterious and romantic cities I would recommend to you going to Prague. In this city I felt strange person, is like to know I had been there before but not. I can tell you some interesting landmark you might go If you choose, such as Charles Bridge (Karluv most), St Vitus Cathedral, John Lennon wall, Prague Castle, Jewish cemetery, St. Nicholas Church, Old Town Hall, Tyn Cathedral, Old Town square, and Powder Tower as well.  These reflect why Prague belongs to the World Heritage list of UNESCO since 1992.

I do not want to share the best place to visit I just would like to share how this city made me feel and what I learned from it.

On the other respect, I found this is a cheap city in that moment, the food, and everything. I have to say I was there in January 2010. I remember a beautiful moment when I was in the river, you can see in this picture:


I felt as a part of the universe as If I was in the perfect place to me, and since my point of view, it was.  Other moment is this:


A couple was getting married, I thought when I would get married, why it is so difficult to me find a good men. Well, maybe it is not my time yet.


As I said, Prague is a mysterious city to me, is old, but is how I could feel other souls those had been living there for a long time. Sometimes I was scared, overall with vampires’ stories, and the face on the old buildings.


If you want to see a Medieval Urbanism, you could go to Prague, because you can find that the New Town of Emperor Charles IV built as the New Jerusalem. Also you can find Gothic and High Baroque building as well as modernism from 1900.


Siena… model of urban design adapted to topography

The historic centre of Siena has been declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site. Siena is famous for its cuisine, art, museums, medieval cityscape and the Palio, a horse race held twice a year.

Siena is remarkably well-preserved urban landscape. It dates back to at least 1218. Building materials, setbacks and height, and the shape of windows were specified.

When I had planned my trip to Italy, Sienna was one of the first cities that I thought to visit. Why? Well, Siena is a model of urban design adapted to topography, the particularly square, the church, Piazza del Campo, and its shape took me the attention.


When I arrived, it was raining, the weather was really bad, however at the same time, and I saw everything in a beautiful perspective. I walked to a coffee shop in front of the Piazza del Campo square. And, I sat there and asked for my special cappuccino. It was so splendid, I was thinking in everything in my life, while I enjoyed the raining.

Then, raining was over I started to walk around the square, the color’s city is elegant and exquisite, in my opinion. This is a city to watch. What draws them is its scene, landmarks and landscape.

I recommended to you visit this city If you are studying urban design you will take pleasure in a lot of. And if you are not, well you will enjoy the coffee, walking, museum, church, the square, and every landmark there. It is a romantic city.

Salzburg, music city


While I was visiting one of my friends in Germany, I visited a gorgeous city. It was Salzburg, in Vienna. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in this city. The city center was declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1996, by UNESCO.

Salzburg is a really small city, however it is so lovely, and while I was walking I could listen pleasurable music.

I always want to know landmarks in any city that I visit, so I went to the Belvedere, Church, and Palaces around there. I While I was climbing up to the Belvedere, I said a bad word because I was so tired. And a person asked me: Did you speak Spanish? and I replied yes! I am from Venezuela, and he was from Mexico, so I continuo enjoy my journey with my new friends. He was with his wife and children.

From the top of the Belvedere, I could admire a lovely view, Salzach river, the old building, thinking how this city would be many years ago its grandness. It is more than meets the eye.

Salzburgo 1